Home of Beverley Nichols 1928-1937

Beverley Nichols lived at Allways, a thatched cottage in Glatton, between 1928 and 1937. Here Nichols wrote his trilogy of books Down the Garden Path, A Thatched Roof, and A Village in a Valley.

The Allways Chronicles
(Glatton Trilogy)

Down the Garden Path 1932

The story of the restoration of a neglected cottage garden to the idyllic state of the author’s memory. Nichols undertakes the long process of restoring and designing the garden at Allways, Huntingdonshire as a self-confessed amateur with little or no knowledge of horticulturalism, having been seduced by the vibrant illustrations of bulb catalogues and the hazy ideal of the cottage garden.

A Thatched Roof 1933

A Village in a Valley 1934

The Parish of Glatton

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